Staff and Faculty

Mrs. Susan Null, principal

Pastor Benjamin O’Toole,

Associate Pastor of Christian Education

Mrs. Kristin Niederman, academic dean

Mrs. Teresa Wagner, administrative assistant

Mrs. Brittney Estes, office support

Mrs. Terri Schroeder, financials



Mrs. Janie Ebersol (KA)

Miss Devon Cox (KB)

Mrs. Annie Ng (KC)


First Grade

Mrs. Sue Hendrickson (1A)

Ms. Bridget Cook (1B)

Miss Kait Kurtz (1C)

Second Grade

Mrs. Nancy Smedley (2A)

Mrs. Melissa Brand (2B)

Third Grade

Mrs. Kay Stomp (3A)

Mrs. Anne Reynolds (3B)

Fourth Grade

Mr. Tim Glass (4A)

Mrs. Beth Catranis (4B)

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Heather Wise

Mrs. Ingrid Dunlap (aide)

Middle School

(not pictured)

Mr. William Fulbright

(middle school lead teacher,

8th grade homeroom)

Mrs. Stephanie Willenbrock

(6th grade homeroom)

Mrs. Karen Whitlock

(7th grade homeroom)

Mr. Scott Beegle

(middle school math)

  Mrs. Ingrid Dunlap


  Mr. Ralph Capriola



Mrs. Bridget Griffith

(K-5 Latin)

Mrs. Kristen Wisnewski

(1-8 art)

Mrs. Lindsey Habegger


Mrs. Nancy Bruner


Mrs. Michele Kruzek

(K-5 gym and health)


Renee Cregan (aide)

Christine Redlinger

(aide, transportation administrator)

Busing is provided by the following school districts: Downingtown Area School District, Coatesville Area School District, West Chester School District, Owen J. Roberts School District, Twin Valley School District, Phoenixville Area School District, and Great Valley School District