Dress Code FAQs

  • Q: Do I have to buy my student's uniform from Lands' End? A: No, but all uniforms must visually match the options available through Lands' End. 

  • Q: How many logo items must I purchase? A: Your student will need to wear a logo item for chapel days and any special occasions that require chapel uniform. Most weeks, one item will be plenty (for chapel).

  • Q: Where can I get logo items embroidered? A: You can add a logo to items ordered through Lands' End. For other items, contact the office to have a local seamstress add logos.

  • Q: What are the most inexpensive options for purchasing uniforms? A: The office will regularly share information regarding Lands' End promotions, and you are welcome to buy correct uniform items at any store. Additionally, gently used WCA uniform items are available to purchase any time school is open.

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