Looking for ways to be a part of your kids' school day or simply excited to help out? There are lots of opportunities to volunteer at Windsor.

All WCA volunteers, including field trip chaperones, are required to have (1)  recent child abuse clearances and (2) a recent background check. These need to be updated every five years.

  • You can get your child abuse clearances here:

Click on "Create Individual Account." From there, follow the instructions making sure to select "Volunteer" under "Purpose."

 If you have any questions before or during your application process, you are encouraged to call 1-877-343-0494 for assistance.

For information about helping with Home and School activities, email homeandschool@windsorca.org. This includes helping with the Sow Grace garden, homeroom mom needs, and regular lunch and recess duties.

For information about helping with hot lunch serving or driving, email lunch@windsorca.org.

Your student's homeroom teacher will contact you with details about field trip chaperoning opportunities throughout the school year.

For any other questions, email office@windsorca.org.


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